Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Loq and Roll

Did you know Glam Affair had a 10 Linden department? Oh you did? Thanks to Whisper over at the
Fab Free blog now so do I.

Empty your piggy banks smash open those penny jars and go shopping the whole department is packed with pants, dresses, shorts,shirts (I think I also saw some hair) and many of the older Glam Affair skins. There is also a mens section.

I picked up a few things my favorite being the corset and beaded collar, I could not get a direct tp to the discounted section but when  you land at Glam Affair check out the map for the crowds.

I had to wear the new hair from Loq again because I heart it so much and my spider lashes which are just so vampy and fabulous and just a little bit rock and roll.

Asia is wearing:
 I got syndicated today and it didn't hurt one bit.

Asia out x

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