Monday, 23 January 2012

52 Weeks of Colour-Iron

I seem to have acquired the ultimate accessory for this weeks challenge, got me some arm candy, man pixels. Lucky me *wink.

The dress I chose to wear is an oldie but goodie from Ibizarre. The texture of this dress is fabulous and incorporates a few shades that are in the 'iron' colour family. I tp'd over to Ibizarre to check that the dress was still available and wow! the store is much smaller than I remember (sign of the SL economy maybe) I didn't see the dress currently for sale in store.There are a few really cute things that are for sale though.

The 'updo' is from Damsel Fly, I like most of the hair attachments from Damselfly. A store always worth checking out if you want/need a messy updo.

Some bold jewellery from Mandala and the 'Kylie' shoes from Gaeline Creations completed my look for this weeks challenge.

Asia is wearing:

Arm Candy/Mystery Man is wearing:

 I can't promise you pretty man pixels every week but for this week enjoy !

Asia out x


  1. Come on sis if you cant promise eye candy every week at least make it a monthly occurance..giggles. Great pic! Forgets the dress and goes man shopping lol x

  2. Both of you look stunning! Wonderful job :-)