Thursday, 10 May 2012

52 Weeks of Colour-Pueblo

Blinks innocently and sneaks her 52 WOC post onto Luna's desk, erm! it's late because...errrrm.... oh yeah, I had a freak eyelash accident and my dog ate my laptop and ermm....I forgot how to type (yeah they are all really believable excuses *sighs with relief)

I had absolutely no luck finding this weeks colour. It was either too dark, too brown, too red or just toooooo wrong. Finally I just got a dress that has several brown-ish shades in it and gave up.

My dress is from Mimi's Boutique, It's pretty nice huh? for L$99. It's mesh (of course) and demo's are available. There are tons of other patterns and the dress is also available in a plain colour version.

My up-do is 'Knotted' from Lelutka. I particularly like the tendrils of hair around the front and the loose styled bun (that would probably take 3 hours to do in RL)

My necklace, earrings and one of the bangles are from Izzie's and the gold bangle is from Maxi Gossamer's

Asia is wearing:

*Holds up her hand, let us NEVER speak of Pueblo again

Asia out x


  1. Your dog ate your laptop? That can't be healthy ;)

    Love your dress, it's beautiful!

  2. I like the freak eyelash accident myself, think ill use that one sometime. LOL
    Love the color blends you put together, they are beautiful, and being you dont want to hear that color again, ill just made it work perfectly!

  3. LoL I second Sama's comment lol... Wanna watch out the poor thing will be pooping letters for days... So what that you are late though, you look stunning as always and that dress really suits you!!! Perfect Asia style!