Saturday, 14 April 2012

Eastern Exposure

A picture paints a thousand words (so it's said) so I wont ramble on too long. I am going to let the pics do the talking for the latest skin release from Izzie's. The 'Cristina' skin has an Asian look to it which I find very pretty.

Izzie Button always gives us lots of options and pretty things to play with in her skin packs. So what's included? Skins with dark, medium and light brows (cleavage and no cleavage options). Ten tattoo layer eye shadows, ten tattoo layer lip colours. A shape (not worn), tattoo layer eye liner, brow shape and last but not least a nail base (glove layer). Cristina is available in porcelain, pale, sun-kissed, tan, deep tan and mocha. I am wearing deep tan.

If that's not enough goodies, separate make-up layers are available. The additional make-up packs are even more Asian inspired. Check out the 'Large Area' shadows and 'Heart' lipstick add on packs, gorgeous!

Minimal editing as usual on any skin review pics, cropped, brightened and dropped into the frames only.

My earrings are also from Izzie's. The non rigged mesh 'Wooden Bead Set' includes earrings, necklace and a ring, The 'Wooden Bead Set' is available in seven colours.

Taxi to Izzie's

Thank you Izzie

Asia out x

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