Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Walking Tall

I hopped over to grab the Maitreya VIP group gift (no join fee). The skirt is mesh design at it's finest. There is nothing bulky or shape distorting about this skirt, it's slim fitting and gives you a bum you would sell your soul for.

I teamed it with another Maitreya classic, the 'Short Trench' jacket. I had forgotten how elegant this jacket is.

My boots have to be the find of the month so far. The 'Thigh Boots' are from HOC. They are colour change via a menu with a jaw dropping 20 colours (26 if you join the HOC group). I am not showing the full 'smexiness' as the thigh length of the boot is hidden under my skirt. The boots cost a teeny weeny L$195, demo's are available.

The 'Bon voyage' hair is one of the styles available from Clawtooth at Collarbor88. I have edited the hair
(removed the bangs) in this pic.

Lastly my over-sized 'Mesh Satchel' is from Shine. Two version are included to be worn either in your hand or over your forearm.

Asia out x

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