Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cold Front

There are an incredible amount of events, sales and goodies available currently in SL.

I want to show a mix of Collabor88 items, fashion from Blueberry and some winter decor from Sway's

The 'Babushka' combo hat and scarf sets are just beautiful and from the ever talented Maxi Gossamer. They are available in four versions, red fox/chocolate mink, arctic fox/ black bear, hot pink/royal purple and electric blue/olive green.

My boots are the ' My Combat Ankle Boots' by Monso and also available at C88. Six colours are available and a male and female version are included.

The cute little snow covered cottage is from Trompe Loeil The mesh 'Frost Bite' cottage is available in four colours, white, rose, blue and grey.

Available separately and also from Trompe Loeil are a mesh club chair and love seat. The items are scaled to work perfectly in the diminutive cottage.Six colour options are available.

I am also wearing 'Valerie2' from Wasabi Pills which is also available at Collarbor88.

Snow Buggy to Collabor88

New at Blueberry are the Marley *Mesh* Ribbon Pants. They are available in seven colours and  five mesh sizes. Each colour includes 3 belt colours.

My socks are by Nyu and are one of the gatcha prizes at The Arcade Event.

Last but not least are my snow buddies. The mesh 'Snowmen [Flake]' are a new release over at Sway's. They are available in red, blue, green, pink and a coloured version. Each version includes a small, medium and large snow man. Also included is a a snowman holding a sign. The sign is changeable via a click (five different texts)

Thanks to Sam for posing with me, his style card can be found here.

Thanks to Maxi Gossamer, Blueberryxx, Sway Dench, Nyunyu Kimono, MissAllSunday Lemon and Cory Edo

Asia out x

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